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About Me


Born and raised in Tucson, I'm proud to say that I'm a native of the Old Pueblo. I studied film and video in college but am mostly self taught when it comes to photography.  I'm an ordinary guy who is extraordinarily obsessed with recording life moments. My ultimate goal is to photograph in a manner where my viewer not only sees something, but also feels something.

I feel my strength is shooting in a photojournalistic style and have managed to do so in a way that makes my clients feel completely comfortable.

I'm continuously on the hunt for that "perfect picture" but i'll probably never be completely satisfied. With every wedding and event I've shot in the last 12 years, I'm always trying to top the one I did before it. Around 10 years ago, after a lot of thought and planning, my good friend of over 24 years, Leighanne Preuss, who is one of the best photographers I know, joined me in creating a business partnership, Hammond/Preuss Photography. Because of our experience of shooting over 200 weddings as well as the chemistry of our friendship, we're confident that no one else in Tucson can cover a wedding as well as we do.

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